"My Hero" by Crystal Basica

"True Treasure" by Crystal Basica 2014

"Look how they shine for you" by Crystal Basica 2014

Embroidered Cuff by Crystal Basica 2009
(technique taught to me by my mentor Melanie Doerman)

"Transformation"Assemblage Spring 2012

"Steampunk Bird"Assemblage Spring 2012

"Deconstructed Rosary" Necklace Spring 2012

Repurposed Garter Necklace Spring 2012
Repurposed Lens Necklace Spring 2012

Repurposed Clock Necklace Spring 2012

"Time Weaver" Assemblage Spring 2012

"Time to Fly"Assemblage Spring 2012

"The Time Traveler's Wife"
Mixed Media Assemblage
Fall 2011

Steampunk Ornaments Fall 2011

"Timely Sisters"
Mixed Media Ornament

Time Traveler's Wife
Tintype & Pocket Watch Assemblage

Antique Watch Gear
Steampunk Ornament

"Lenore" Fall 2011
An Edgar Allen Poe inspired Soldered Sculpture Assemblage

"A Little Fortune"
Miniature Assemblage
Fall 2011

The Vintage Gypsy
A Mixed Media Assemblage 
Fall 2011

Dwell in Possibility 
A Soldered Sculpture/
Mixed Media Assemblage 
Fall 2011

Necklaces Fall 2011


Pearls of Wisdom Bracelet 
Spring 2011

Secret Garden- Soldered Sculpture 
Spring 2011

"The Time Machine" 
Vintage watch part assemblage
Spring 2011

Frozen Charlotte Mermaid Assemblage Art Boxes

"The Seeker"
Necklace Published in Belle Armoire Jewelry Spring 2011

Frozen Charlotte Fairy Wish Box Assemblages

"Pearls of Wisdom"
Soldered Sculpture
Spring 2011 

"Follow the Directions" 
An Alice in Wonderland Assemblage
Spring 2011

Beaded French Flowers for Mom 
July 2002

Wild Wire Bangle 
Fall 2010

Secret Keeper- Altered Key 
Fall 2010

Soldered Art Necklace 
Fall 2009

"Madam Rasia" 
Assemblage Art Necklace
Fall 2010

Adventures in Wonderland 
Spring 2009

Stamped Heart 
Fall 2010

Lava Love 
Fall 2010

All art and images are copyrighted to Crystal Basica.
Please ask permission if you would like to use them :)