Spring Glitterfest 2011

It finally happened and I had a blast! My only regret was not having more time to walk around and see more of the other artist's amazing work! I met so many amazing people, newcomers, old friends that stopped by, and other fellow artists. It was just a great experience overall. Sorry it took me a couple of days to get this up. I had to clean up my glitter mess & I needed a personal sanity day after the whirlwind. I had seriously been pulling 16 hour days over the last month. My only day off was to cut my hair off & go to the dentist, but it was so worth it!   I will be posting some more pics of specific pieces and talking about how they came about over next few weeks :)

I still have some more photos to add once I get a hold of my friends camera :) I will put more of the individual pieces on my Gallery page. Thanks for looking!

I am really looking forward to Glitterfest Fall! Save the date October 15, 2011!
Best Wishes!

Good things are happening in March!

I know it has been a while since I posted. My blog has been neglected because I have been so busy making creations for Glitterfest! Mark your calendars! It's just a couple weeks away! I am so excited to be including in this show amoung so many amazing artists.  If you don't know about Glitterfest, check out their website for more info, pics and artist bios.

I am also so very honored to be published in the current Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. Be sure to check it out! The whole issue is worth every penny. My good friend Tara Wilson & I are featured in the Boutique Section. We will both be at the Garden of Beaden on March 25th from 5-8pm come by to say hi & grab a copy of this fabulous magazine!

This is the piece but the photo in the magazine is much prettier than mine :)