What a crazy year!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! I could have never have predicted how this year would have gone in a million years! It has been one crazy turn to the next. I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store! I am so thankful for all that I have learned and for all of the unexpected tiny miracles that have happened in 2011.  I have been busy these last 2 months reorganizing my work space and hunting for Serendipity Salvage. In my reorganizing I have found many treasures I had forgotten all about! I am pulling many of these one of a kind pieces to weave into some of my pieces for Glitterfest Spring 2012. (It's March 10th mark your calendars!) I kinda got a sneak peak at what Tara is doing, but I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!
I got a package a couple days ago from fellow artist Jenny Hernandez (The Polka Dot Pixie). She is such an amazing artist (not to mention one of the nicest gals you could ever meet!) and after trying to mess with paper clay this fall, I have a whole new respect for her work! Check out what I got...

Paper Mache Sculpture by the Polka Dot Pixie, Jenny Hernandez
She is too cute! I can hardly stand it! I have decided she is going to be my wish box for 2012. I am a firm believer in positive thinking. I believe if you put it out there good always finds its way back. When I look at this bluebird I can't help but smile, so I am going to put all of my hopes and wishes for this year down on little pieces of paper and see what happens :) What will you wish for? 
See you all next year!

Best Wishes,

P.S. Be sure to check out Jenny's Etsy http://www.etsy.com/people/thepolkadotpixie

Glitterfest "time" is drawing near...

      I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I'd say the clock is ticking, but I have torn it apart for it's pieces :) Glitterfest is just days away! 13 days to be exact which happens to be my lucky number. Speaking of lucky numbers I have another superstition...I don't make the same thing twice! Even if something is very similar I use some other bead or color...something to make it special and one of a kind. I put my heart and soul into each piece I make. If it is jewelry I wear it to make sure it feels good on. If it is a piece of art, it finds itself on my bookshelf or wherever seems appropriate. I have to love it. If not, then it's back to the drawing board.  If something doesn't look right, I can't help but tear it apart and rearrange. Perfectionist?...maybe, I just feel strongly about making what I would want instead of what I think someone else would want and I refuse to settle by saying "that's good enough" or "no one will notice but me." My work is a reflection of me and all of the experiences and knowledge that I have been exposed to. I take pride in what I make and strive to produce exactly what I see in my head. One of my favorite quotes is... 

"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing." Salvador Dali

All of the skills I have acquired, I have learned from someone else, be it in person, in a book, whatever. I have no formal art training but if I wanted to be a painter, I would go to art school and they would teach me to imitate the masters in order to learn technique. But once you learn technique what do you make? what makes it yours? It's drawing on your experiences and things that speak to your soul that makes it yours. It's all in the details. Those are really my only guidelines for creating. Philosophy lesson over...back to Glitterfest :)

       I have been so busy making new pieces. I have filled my house with work tables and find myself moving around from soldering to wire work to painting and so much more! I have had to give myself a pep talk about letting some of these pieces go. I absolutely LOVE using found objects in my work, but most times I don't have another one and I am not sure if I can handle seeing it go away. At least I know with Glitterfest Patrons, it is going to get a good home :)

OK so here's a little peek...

What could it be? You'll have to come to Glitterfest to find out :) 
I'll give you a hint..it's not what you think it is...
See you all October 15th!
www.glitterfest.com for all the details

Sparkle on!

Expect Miracles :)

Yay! More good news!!! I am honored to have one of my necklaces published in the new Fall issue of Jewelry Affaire from Stampington! It officially hits stands on October 1st but my local bead store Garden of Beaden has received their shipment and so has Barnes & Noble :) This is a gorgeous issue and I am truly grateful to be included in its pages with so many amazing artists! I am on page 100 - the piece is called "Expect Miracles", so go out support your local bead store and grab a copy! You will no doubt be inspired by the stunning work everyone has shared. You can read the story on what initially inspired this piece in the issue. I had written the article for Stampington late Spring of this year, but this necklace had already started spinning it's magic the minute it was made.
       I had been wearing this piece a lot when I first made it. Little did I know it had become a kind of good luck charm while Tara and I were unknowingly formulating Serendipity Salvage. We had worked side by side getting ready for last Glitterfest. What started out as us getting together to solder or work on projects turned into me practically camping at her house for a couple months! We were constantly swapping supplies- she had just what I needed and I had just what she needed. We decided we should combine our hoards and join vintage treasure hunting forces. After about 100 more fortunate accidents from amazing treasure scores to unbelievable "right place right time" moments, we settled on the name Serendipity Salvage in April 2011. Every time something fabulously weird happens we still both look at each and say "Serendipity strikes again!" This story probably belongs on Serendipity's blog too, but call me crazy-I am convinced this necklace had a hand in what has happened. It served as a reminder to expect good things, stay positive and if you are on the right path things will just fall into place. In fact, it was Tara that encouraged me to take it off my neck and throw it in the box to send to Jewelry Affaire. Serendipity strikes again :) 
       The last few weeks I have been stressing trying to juggle all of the trunk shows and business that needs to be handled while trying to find time to work on my projects for Glitterfest Fall. By seeing my necklace again I am reminded to "Expect Miracles" and everything will just fall into place :) 

Here are some silly icky photos I took of my piece when I made it. I have so much trouble photographing long necklaces!... 

Jewelry Affaire's photo is WAY better!

Thank you so much to all of my friends and family for all of the support! Now back to my soldering iron!

Stay turned for some sneak peaks on what you might see at Glitterfest Fall...(OCT 15th Don't miss it!) 
It's gonna be good!!!

Something from Nothing...the magic of junk :)

I'm on a roll! My Glitterfest creations are in full swing! I wish that there were magic elves that could read my mind and create what is in there while I am sleeping. The least they could do is clean my house in the night...that would be fabulous :) Alas they have yet to show up so I trudge along.  I have been busy glittering, gluing, decoupaging, wire wrapping, soldering, and so much more! Last night I switched to engineering mode. I love turning junk into something so unrecognizable that it requires me to explain that it actually is a bolt or a washer or a thingamado that came out of my junk drawer. If you would like to see a real live thingamado please see the photo below :)
Does anyone know why I have a six inch nail in my junk drawer? I can't imagine what kind of job would necessitate a gigantic nail of its kind. OK honestly... I have no idea what half of this stuff is for but maybe it's better that way? I have no preconceived ideas about it and I get to be a kid playing with building blocks again! It's all in my head I just have to make it come out now...back to the grind.  If you would like to see what I make out of some of this crazy stuff, be sure to come to Glitterfest Oct 15th....all will be revealed! 

That just made it!

Ok I have totally neglected my blog! Between Serendipity Salvage, two Etsy shops, and a couple secret projects I have been busy working on, it's a wonder I find time to sleep :)  I have finally found a minute to chat with you! (I will reveal the secret projects once I get the OK)  I have also been busy getting things rollin' on the art front for Glitterfest Fall (SAVE THE DATE!!! 10-15-11) I am super excited! There were a bunch of pieces I was holding back because I thought they were a little too dark for the spring show, but it's on for fall :) Stay tuned!
 I am so fortunate to have learned so many different techniques over the years from so many amazing artists. I am surrounded by the coolest most creative people any girl could wish for! I learn something new from them each day.  For this upcoming show I want to pull on several different mediums, mix them all together, and see what comes out.  I try to make pieces that represent something that I have experienced. I have found if it speaks to me, it will speak to many others. If not from personal experiences, then a movie I saw or a book I read will often inspire me. 
  Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Edgar Allen Poe.
 In fact just today I ran into the 7th grade English teacher that played us an old recording of the "Tell-Tale Heart." I bet she hadn't realized what she sparked in me and I'm sure others. I also had the coolest, although maybe insane, English teacher in High School- Mr. Henke. He was harmless, but he got so much joy in scaring us to death.  He had a large metal file cabinet closet inside which he kept a variety of splintery sticks of wood. "The more splinters the better" he would say. He would recreate sound effects while reading us "The Raven" by rapping on the side of his podium. To this day whenever I read "The Raven," it is still can hear Mr. Henke tap tap tapping on my chamber door. Anyway, that's where the love for Poe came from and I know I'm not alone. For spring I made a POE inspired soldered tree. I never could get a good photo of it but here it is...

It's hard to tell in the pic but the metal plaque is stamped "NEVERMORE" and there is little raven in the tree.I stared at this piece loving it but it was missing something. I was digging through a box and found some little wooden balls and that was it! It needed feet! That "made the piece" for me. With me there is always a point when I look at what I am making and can say " ok..that just made it!" Until I can say those words a piece is not finished. This happens every time without fail! 

I did another Poe piece that just wasn't done. It just needed one more thing...a raven on top.

I tend to get lost in the details, but for whatever reason I always know when it is done. When I set out to build a time machine from watch parts I didn't know where it would lead me. I had no blueprint. I am not an engineer, but I could see it in my head. I looked down at a pile a bits and pieces and started to build... first the seat, then the wired light bulb spoiler...a watch gear steering wheel ... an old watch face with millitary time (so there is no confusion)...and so on until it was a time machine. But it wasn't done. It needed that thing. One more thing so I could say my magic words... and then I cackled like a mad scientist...
as soon as I added the equations for travelling at the speed of light on the base. I knew that just "made it." It's funny I don't know where that sense of finality comes from, but I know I am not the only crazy artist that does this. 

So now I am rambling on, but what I am trying to say is, lose yourself in the little details and listen to your inner voice that says "that just made it." Get out there and create something...anything! It doesn't matter how many classes you have taken or how many books you have read...just go with your gut! If you love it chances are good someone else will too!  
Until we meet again!

Serendipity Salvage goes live!

We took forever to come up with a name but Tara & I decided to make it official! We have combined all of our fabulous stuff to make our joint venture Serendipity Salvage, mixed media supplies. We have been traveling all over to find all things vintage & unusual and bring them to a flea market or trunk show near you! 

We had a fabulous time last Sunday at Whimzy's Jamestown Flea Market and we are very excited to be at Garden of Beaden in Downtown Upland on Saturday June 4th from 10-5pm for a trunk show. We have so many fabulous finds to share with you! Come on down!

We just opened up a new Etsy Shop

and check out where we will be on our new blog at

Feel free to contact us if you need anything special or would like us to hunt for something :)

Vintage fun at Urban Barn!

Mark you calendars! April 15-17 Tara Wilson and I will be at Urban Barn. We have been busy combining our gypsy hoard and between the two of us we have some pretty fabulous stuff just waiting to be snatched up...

There is so much more you have to see! We will both have some of our work on display along with tons fabulous vintage items you can use to make your own creations or just something lovely for your home. Grab a group of crafty people and take a little road trip. You won't be disapointed :)
For more info check out http://www.urbanbarn155.blogspot.com/

See you there!

Spring Glitterfest 2011

It finally happened and I had a blast! My only regret was not having more time to walk around and see more of the other artist's amazing work! I met so many amazing people, newcomers, old friends that stopped by, and other fellow artists. It was just a great experience overall. Sorry it took me a couple of days to get this up. I had to clean up my glitter mess & I needed a personal sanity day after the whirlwind. I had seriously been pulling 16 hour days over the last month. My only day off was to cut my hair off & go to the dentist, but it was so worth it!   I will be posting some more pics of specific pieces and talking about how they came about over next few weeks :)

I still have some more photos to add once I get a hold of my friends camera :) I will put more of the individual pieces on my Gallery page. Thanks for looking!

I am really looking forward to Glitterfest Fall! Save the date October 15, 2011!
Best Wishes!

Good things are happening in March!

I know it has been a while since I posted. My blog has been neglected because I have been so busy making creations for Glitterfest! Mark your calendars! It's just a couple weeks away! I am so excited to be including in this show amoung so many amazing artists.  If you don't know about Glitterfest, check out their website for more info, pics and artist bios.

I am also so very honored to be published in the current Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. Be sure to check it out! The whole issue is worth every penny. My good friend Tara Wilson & I are featured in the Boutique Section. We will both be at the Garden of Beaden on March 25th from 5-8pm come by to say hi & grab a copy of this fabulous magazine!

This is the piece but the photo in the magazine is much prettier than mine :)

Love is in the air

The girls have been apart too long! I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many crafty ladies. Unfortunately it is a rare occasion when you can get us all in the same room. My good friend Jessica was gracious enough to offer up her home for a little girlie afternoon of Valentine making. I never used to be into scrap booking or paper crafts, but since learning how to use resin in jewelry making, our two worlds have collided. I stopped off yesterday at my favorite scrapbook store, The Scraping Lounge. Debbie had some darling valentine paper I wanted to grab for this gathering. 

I arrived this afternoon at Jessica's and as usual she had gone all out! Paper, glitter, & buttons as far as the eye could see. Not to mention the fabulous girlie lunch she made for us. Jessica is a fancy lady. She had out her beautiful plates and even made raspberry drizzle for the fruit salad...yummy!

Sue & Renee working diligently.
After our lovely lunch, we settled in to the task at hand. The scissors flew, doilies & glitter soon took over the whole table! Mayhem ensued, but the good kind. Even Jessica's cats were scared. They took to hiding out in her bedroom.

Diet coke & glitter...life is good :)

It was a good thing we had plenty of diet coke to see us through...

It really was a beautiful disaster.

Once the dust settled, we came out with this...

Not bad for beaders crossing over to the dark side of paper.
Dana we missed you! Get better! Jessica good job camera dodging:)

Bead Show Adventure

My good friend Tara & I decided we would venture out on a little bead excursion this week. We headed out to Pasadena's Bead & Design Show. There are so many amazing things to see at this particular show because it is not just the same thing over and over again. There are the usual suspects but also a wide variety of designers available to talk about their products and creations. Our good friend Melanie Doerman was there selling her amazing seed beading kits and one of a kind designs. She is truly an artist and every time I see her she has a fabulous new creation to share. If you don't know who Melanie is you must check out her website The Magpie. The gallery of work there is incredible.

Melanie & Tara at the Pasadena Show

Anyone that know me knows I have a million beads and a really didn't need to go to the show, but I really wanted to check out what was new and grab a few things. Well, to my shock and surprise when I got home a looked in my bag of goodies not one bead was found. There must have been a crack in the universe. I actually went to a bead show and did not by one bead! I got cabochons, a little brass, some bead caps which I guess are kinda sorta beads, but no actual beads. Very strange!  Here's a few things I did grab...

fun vintage zodiac pendant

itsy bitsy door knocker...it actually works!

All in all we had fun and it was a lovely adventure. Thank you Tara for coming out to play! Check out what Tara is up to on her blog