Adventures in Wonderland

  I seriously had a dream about this tree growing out of a book. While creating it, she transformed about 16 times and this is the result. The tree was sculpted with copper wire and solder. Funny thing about copper, I had to keep stopping as I built the tree. The whole thing would heat up and solder would move on the other side of the tree from where I was working. Something I didn't think about when I first set out to make this piece. All of the charms were handmade from sheet metal, and yes I literally painted the rose red. It had to be done :)

These photo were taken by Rico Molden. He took a bunch as a favor to me but these are my favorites! Rico was one of the lucky ones that got to see this piece grow from one small little branch into what you see now.

Original Mixed Media Piece by Crystal Basica
Thank you to his sister for modeling for us, sorry he woke you up :)