Jewelry Show at Renee's

My dear friend, Renee Redding, was kind enough to hold a Jewelry Show on November 18th, 2010 in Simi Valley. It was a collaborative effort between 4 artists. We went in with no expectations at all and we had a blast! Thank you to Renee's Parents for letting us invade your lovely home! Also, thank you to Tara and Irene for the extra displays! Check out the pics below :)

 Renee had some of her beautiful Fused Fine Silver pieces.

 Our other partner in crime Sue Lau sent her lovely Vintaj creations.

I brought a little of this and that.

 Ronnie Sanchez sent along a few of his amazing creations.

It was a whirlwind evening and in the end we were all pretty much wiped out! It was a great show I think mostly because of the variety. All four of our styles are so completely different, there was just something for everyone. I had made so many new things for this show. I do have to admit i was a little heartbroken to see a few of them go so quickly, but everyone who purchased them were so happy, I know they went to good homes. Thanks again Renee!