Bead Show Adventure

My good friend Tara & I decided we would venture out on a little bead excursion this week. We headed out to Pasadena's Bead & Design Show. There are so many amazing things to see at this particular show because it is not just the same thing over and over again. There are the usual suspects but also a wide variety of designers available to talk about their products and creations. Our good friend Melanie Doerman was there selling her amazing seed beading kits and one of a kind designs. She is truly an artist and every time I see her she has a fabulous new creation to share. If you don't know who Melanie is you must check out her website The Magpie. The gallery of work there is incredible.

Melanie & Tara at the Pasadena Show

Anyone that know me knows I have a million beads and a really didn't need to go to the show, but I really wanted to check out what was new and grab a few things. Well, to my shock and surprise when I got home a looked in my bag of goodies not one bead was found. There must have been a crack in the universe. I actually went to a bead show and did not by one bead! I got cabochons, a little brass, some bead caps which I guess are kinda sorta beads, but no actual beads. Very strange!  Here's a few things I did grab...

fun vintage zodiac pendant

itsy bitsy door actually works!

All in all we had fun and it was a lovely adventure. Thank you Tara for coming out to play! Check out what Tara is up to on her blog