Spring Glitterfest 2011

It finally happened and I had a blast! My only regret was not having more time to walk around and see more of the other artist's amazing work! I met so many amazing people, newcomers, old friends that stopped by, and other fellow artists. It was just a great experience overall. Sorry it took me a couple of days to get this up. I had to clean up my glitter mess & I needed a personal sanity day after the whirlwind. I had seriously been pulling 16 hour days over the last month. My only day off was to cut my hair off & go to the dentist, but it was so worth it!   I will be posting some more pics of specific pieces and talking about how they came about over next few weeks :)

I still have some more photos to add once I get a hold of my friends camera :) I will put more of the individual pieces on my Gallery page. Thanks for looking!

I am really looking forward to Glitterfest Fall! Save the date October 15, 2011!
Best Wishes!