That just made it!

Ok I have totally neglected my blog! Between Serendipity Salvage, two Etsy shops, and a couple secret projects I have been busy working on, it's a wonder I find time to sleep :)  I have finally found a minute to chat with you! (I will reveal the secret projects once I get the OK)  I have also been busy getting things rollin' on the art front for Glitterfest Fall (SAVE THE DATE!!! 10-15-11) I am super excited! There were a bunch of pieces I was holding back because I thought they were a little too dark for the spring show, but it's on for fall :) Stay tuned!
 I am so fortunate to have learned so many different techniques over the years from so many amazing artists. I am surrounded by the coolest most creative people any girl could wish for! I learn something new from them each day.  For this upcoming show I want to pull on several different mediums, mix them all together, and see what comes out.  I try to make pieces that represent something that I have experienced. I have found if it speaks to me, it will speak to many others. If not from personal experiences, then a movie I saw or a book I read will often inspire me. 
  Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Edgar Allen Poe.
 In fact just today I ran into the 7th grade English teacher that played us an old recording of the "Tell-Tale Heart." I bet she hadn't realized what she sparked in me and I'm sure others. I also had the coolest, although maybe insane, English teacher in High School- Mr. Henke. He was harmless, but he got so much joy in scaring us to death.  He had a large metal file cabinet closet inside which he kept a variety of splintery sticks of wood. "The more splinters the better" he would say. He would recreate sound effects while reading us "The Raven" by rapping on the side of his podium. To this day whenever I read "The Raven," it is still can hear Mr. Henke tap tap tapping on my chamber door. Anyway, that's where the love for Poe came from and I know I'm not alone. For spring I made a POE inspired soldered tree. I never could get a good photo of it but here it is...

It's hard to tell in the pic but the metal plaque is stamped "NEVERMORE" and there is little raven in the tree.I stared at this piece loving it but it was missing something. I was digging through a box and found some little wooden balls and that was it! It needed feet! That "made the piece" for me. With me there is always a point when I look at what I am making and can say " ok..that just made it!" Until I can say those words a piece is not finished. This happens every time without fail! 

I did another Poe piece that just wasn't done. It just needed one more thing...a raven on top.

I tend to get lost in the details, but for whatever reason I always know when it is done. When I set out to build a time machine from watch parts I didn't know where it would lead me. I had no blueprint. I am not an engineer, but I could see it in my head. I looked down at a pile a bits and pieces and started to build... first the seat, then the wired light bulb spoiler...a watch gear steering wheel ... an old watch face with millitary time (so there is no confusion)...and so on until it was a time machine. But it wasn't done. It needed that thing. One more thing so I could say my magic words... and then I cackled like a mad scientist...
as soon as I added the equations for travelling at the speed of light on the base. I knew that just "made it." It's funny I don't know where that sense of finality comes from, but I know I am not the only crazy artist that does this. 

So now I am rambling on, but what I am trying to say is, lose yourself in the little details and listen to your inner voice that says "that just made it." Get out there and create something...anything! It doesn't matter how many classes you have taken or how many books you have read...just go with your gut! If you love it chances are good someone else will too!  
Until we meet again!