Something from Nothing...the magic of junk :)

I'm on a roll! My Glitterfest creations are in full swing! I wish that there were magic elves that could read my mind and create what is in there while I am sleeping. The least they could do is clean my house in the night...that would be fabulous :) Alas they have yet to show up so I trudge along.  I have been busy glittering, gluing, decoupaging, wire wrapping, soldering, and so much more! Last night I switched to engineering mode. I love turning junk into something so unrecognizable that it requires me to explain that it actually is a bolt or a washer or a thingamado that came out of my junk drawer. If you would like to see a real live thingamado please see the photo below :)
Does anyone know why I have a six inch nail in my junk drawer? I can't imagine what kind of job would necessitate a gigantic nail of its kind. OK honestly... I have no idea what half of this stuff is for but maybe it's better that way? I have no preconceived ideas about it and I get to be a kid playing with building blocks again! It's all in my head I just have to make it come out now...back to the grind.  If you would like to see what I make out of some of this crazy stuff, be sure to come to Glitterfest Oct 15th....all will be revealed!