Melanie Doerman

  I have been trying to write this post for a few weeks now. So much has changed in such a short period of time, it is kind of overwhelming. I keep writing and rewriting because when I put down on paper what has actually seems impossible and unbelievable.
  I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most creative, knowledgeable, and supportive friends anyone could wish for. On May 11, 2012, my life was forever changed...

 I was notified my dear friend and mentor, Melanie Doerman had left us.  She inspired me from the moment I met her. I have always been drawn to small details. I didn't know at the time I had met my match! Melanie's jewelry and art was so meticulous, haunting, and beautiful. She weaved a little bit of her soul into each piece that she  crafted.

Alien Star Garden

I remember when we 1st met, I took a class from her at Garden of Beaden. The owner and my good friend, Irene, warned me I was going to fall in love with her work. I was floored by what I was taught and the beautiful pieces she shared with me. She told me to go to her website and I could see more. I was stunned by what I saw...
"Fortune" by Melanie Doerman
 from her Tarot Tribute Vessel Series

A few years later, when I saw her vessels in person, my jaw dropped again. Looks are deceiving, this chalice is about a foot tall! Not only did she encrust the entire piece with jewels and itty bitty beads, she informed me she also sculpted all of the bases for her vessels. She was a true artist that had her hands in many different mediums.
   Melanie always supported me in my art and wanted me to succeed in making a living on my talents. We shared a creative bond. She spoke my strange language, sense of humor, my color pallet and some of her pieces like mine were... well... a little bit twisted :) I have always been drawn to things with double meanings, the odd and unusual. Bits and parts with character and history. I will never forget one of our more recent outings where we found ourselves giggling and brainstorming in the middle of a local model train store. I bought a miniature cemetery gate...she bought a miniature nun. Here's is what she ended up making out of a tiny vintage watch tin she purchased from me...

La Petit Soeur ( the little nun) by Melanie Doerman
Detail of  "La Petit Soeur" by Melanie Doerman
   I was so happy we recently got to do a show together in Spring of 2011. Our tables were back to back at Glitterfest. She was working on her book at this point and every time I saw her she had something new and incredible to show me. She was using many pieces she had picked up from one of my trunk shows. It was a privilege to get a sneak peak at everything she was up to creatively.

  I feel so fortunate for the extra time we got to spend together sitting in her studio going through her vast collection pieces and parts and seeing what projects she was working on. I often found myself just staring at her bead work thinking how does she come up with this?! I could look at a piece and know beyond a shadow of a doubt it was hers. The beads looked like her, smelled like her, it was like her fingerprints were all over them. I remember thinking to myself, I aspire to someday have that same originality. I was honored that she shared each piece she made for her book with me. I am so happy she is leaving us with this final gorgeous piece of her soul. I can't wait for everyone to see it...

Melanie's Book set to release 09/18/2012
You can pre-order her book here

I am so thankful for all of the people that Melanie has brought into my life...Danielle, Forrest, Erin, Kelly, Anna...the list keeps growing daily even since she has been gone. She touched so many lives...
Melanie and Danielle

Music, Beads and favorite combo :)

   I have had the privilege since her passing to spend some time with her dear husband, Asbjorn. I remember spending hours in her studio and he always gave her space and I always admired him for being so supportive and allowing her to spread her wings. 

   Asbjorn has been kind enough to share some of the work that Melanie has left behind with us. I am honored he has asked me to list some of her pieces in my Etsy shop, so be sure to stop by and check out what is available. I will be listing them often...

If you are looking for Kits and Instructions, please contact Irene Sanchez at the Garden of Beaden 909-949-7107.
Melanie was a, grace and power all in the same breath. I love her and miss her. She lives on through her amazing body of work and all those who's lives she has touched. She is still weaving magic into my life and I am forever grateful for her.
Melanie Doerman

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