A Change Will Do You Good

So much is going on! I didn't know how appropriate my last post about my Transformation Angel would be to what is going on now. Change. So much has changed in just a few short days. Most people don't like change. Comfortable seems to be preferred to the unknown. I understand that. The unknown is well... unknown. You really don't know where you will end up, but I have found most change is usually for the better even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. So many things have happened so quickly, it's hard to know where to begin. I will do another post soon regarding some of these other changes and developments. A good friend of mine, Donnette, had not seen me for 2 days last week. When I finally caught up with her she said "I have only been gone two days and your whole life has changed!"  It's kind of overwhelming and crazy. So to start, I did my 1st show this weekend on my own at Whimzy. Tara and I have decided to go our own paths. Everyone that hears this news says "what happened!" The next thing out of my mouth has been "it's not a bad thing!" It is interesting to me how everyone is so quick to assume something awful has happened. What happened is simple. We are at different places in our lives and have different goals we need to accomplish. We had a grand time together starting Serendipity Salvage and learned so much! The experience was invaluable. We will continue our friendship as well as to hunt for hidden treasures! 
  We could both feel the change coming, but we didn't know exactly how to handle it. We were sad on some level we had to part, but life happened! Things changed in a years time. Once we admitted to each other that we both felt we were being pulled in different paths, it was easy. Doors are opening left and right for both of us and a new phase has begun. In a weeks time I booked 3 shows, including Pasadena Bead and Design Show this July, and I have more in the works! People are crawling out of the woodwork asking for me to make them jewelry,a piece of art, or to find the perfect vintage piece to complete their project. All it took was  letting go and going with the flow.
And so a new adventure begins!...

I had the most fun this weekend at Whimzy's very 1st Artist's Junque Trunk! We were asked to clean out our studios so we could make room for the new! Perfect timing!

The gals from Whimzy hosted this fabulous treasure hunting adventure in the same lot they do Jamestown Flea last Sunday. I met so many cool Artists and fantastic patrons!

 I was telling stories about the history of some of my pieces and parts I was destashing and people were genuinely interested in what I had to share! So, the coolest thing happened! I met 3 different people from Glitterfest who had purchased something of mine. It is so crazy the day of Glitterfest there is no time to talk! I got to chat with these kind folks about what I made and hear what they thought. It was really too much fun! I had a ball and I got to unload a bunch of stuff I am no longer using and pass my finds on to other creators who will put them to good use! 

I have to say that the highlight of the day was talking to two different teenage girls. I was showing them a few different ideas for using the pieces they were interested in. They both had the same reaction. Light. It was just like someone had flipped a switch and given the permission to ignore all of the rules. Nothing is as it seems. The options are endless. I hope some day I will see them selling their creations at Glitterfest. Dianne said they plan to do another Junque Trunk in the Winter. Be sure not to miss the next one!
Until we meet again!
Crystal :)

P.S. I am going back to my old supply name Vintage Fairy Finds if you are looking for me!