New Adventures...New Inspirations

This crazy year is flying by! I have so much to share, but pictures are more fun :) I recently participated in the Pasadena Bead and Design Show at the end of July. I had so much fun! My neighbor Mavis Leahy was a blast and so sweet to me. She kept giving me little bits of treasure as gifts. Check out what have been busy making with these amazing antique steel cut itty bitty seed beads she bestowed upon me...

Here are the amazing French brass charlottes courtesy of Mavis :)

Look how tiny they are! The black beads at the bottom
are size 15's. They are more than 1/2 the size of them!!!
These tiny little treasures have put me over the top in love with this project!  I am loving the mix vintage Turn of the Century finds among the landscape of glass seed beads! It's almost done. I will post a photo of the completed bracelet soon :)
   I was SO grateful to be next to Mavis. Not only was she my first official customer purchasing a lovely pair of earrings, but she had tons of advice and encouragement. She also has a similar affinity for the slightly creepy and naturally we got along swimmingly! I am saving some of the other creepier treasure she gave me for a project for Glitterfest.  At one point during the show, Mavis commented that it was destiny that placed us next to each other and I couldn't have agreed more :) She is yet another inspiration in my life and I am thankful for the renewed spark she lit within me. 

Be sure to check out Mavis' amazing creations on her website...

I LOVE her bone assemblages and her beautiful handmade tapestries. She uses her incredible collection of antique textiles and weaves forgotten pieces and parts into stunning works of art. 

For those of you that missed it this time, here are some photos of my table at Pasadena...

$1 Tray Steals!!!

Cameos & Settings

Soldered Rings 

Vintage Chain, Baroque Pearls, and Kits for sale!
Cool shot of my table courtesy of
Dolores Marquez of Bead Gallery

and another...
And another....
Last one!
   Pasadena was an amazing adventure and learning experience. I met so many new people and shared so many ideas. Big thank yous to all of my helpers and to all of the friends & customers that came out to support me! You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
   I am very excited to announce I will be back in January for the Pasadena Show! Mark your calendars... I will also be selling my wares in Tuscon, AZ in February and in Northern California this Spring! Check out my schedule on the side of my blog for all the details. I have lots of shows booked in California through the end of this year, as well as trunk shows that are being mailed all over the country. The Southern CA Bead Shop Hop is coming up too! I will be at Brea Bead Works, followed by Garden of Beaden, and Bead Gallery for the final weekend. Hopefully I will see you at one of these fantastic stores this September! I have so much more to report, but I have talked your ear off long enough for now! I will do another blog post soon :) Back to the studio...

Sparkle on!