An unexpected surprise!

  It's been about a year since I decided to go full time with my company Vintage Fairy Finds. I could not in my wildest dreams imagined how many amazing, kind, creative and talented people I would meet through my travels. When I opened for business, I knew what I wanted to provide as far as customer service. I felt like I could give more personal attention at a show, but I wanted that to carry over into my Etsy shop as well. I knew how I liked to be treated when I shopped online and I wanted to give my customers that same experience. I have 3 main commitments when it comes to my online shop...

                       1) Speed
                       2) Quality
                       3) Kindness- good old fashioned customer service :)

I love when I order something and it shows up really fast, so I make almost daily trips to the post office. Luckily I live around the corner from one, so it is convenient for me as well. Next, I only buy what I love. I personally use all of the components that I sell. I sometimes find myself having a mental tug of war over whether or not I can part with most of them. I make jewelry that lasts, so everything is tested for quality before it goes up for sale. I also love to get a surprise in my order. I always include something in my orders no matter how big or small. The main reason is I want you to smile when you open your package!  No matter how good or bad your day has been, I hope to bring just a little bit of happiness into it. Plus it's good Karma right? I love random acts of kindness!

  I have lots of customers who have written beautiful thank you notes and have shared personal stories of how jewelry making and art has saved them in some way. This is main reason why I absolutely love what I do. I have always firmly believed you get what you give. I feel so grateful and fortunate for all of the people I have crossed paths with over this last year. The support and camaraderie with the designers and creative souls has been priceless.  

  A few days ago I received and email from a customer I met a year ago my 1st time vending at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show. Julie had recently decided to take the plunge too. She had a bunch of great ideas and as we spoke I could feel her excitement as well as her hesitation. Let's face it -on some level all of us are a little insecure about what we create. It's like letting someone peek into your diary. I tried to reassure her that her ideas were amazing and our conversation got my wheels turning as well. I received a thank you note from her for our chat and she said she hoped to do something nice for me someday.  It made me smile and feel that I was on the right track. If I could make an impact on just one person at a show, then all the hard work was worth it. Few days ago I received another email from Julie, but I never expected this...

Julie got published in this Summer's Jewelry Affaire Magazine!

Isn't her work stunning?!

I was so happy and excited for her! I ran out to my local bead store, Garden of Beaden, and grabbed a copy! (You be sure to do the same! It's a great issue!) Her pieces are gorgeous! She also let me know as thank you she listed my shop in her materials list. I was so excited! It meant so much to me that she would even think to include my store in her materials list and how cool to get to see what she made with the rhinestones she purchased from me! 

There I am! Vintage Fairy Finds :)

It was so kind of her and unexpected.  I wish her much success and creative inspiration in the future! Her act of kindness just proves that what goes around comes around.  Good things do come back to you and sometimes when you least expect it. She made my day- (heck my week!) and reminded me it's almost time for Pasadena again! I can hardly wait! Who knows who I will meet this time?

Check out Julie's Etsy Shop Ribbon Tapestry...
be sure to stop by and see all the new treasure in my Shop too...

I hope to see you at Pasadena in a few weeks! Until then, keep on creating!

Sparkle on!