Have you seen this Angel?

Transformer by Crystal Basica Fall 2011
Things never go as planned. I learned this lesson a long time ago and I try my very best to roll with the punches. Our lives can change directions in an instant. When I made this piece last Fall I started out with just the soldered wings made of gears. For once I loved how they turned out on the 1st try! The various patinas I used actually were reacting the way I intended them to. I knew I wanted to attach them to something, so I decided on soldering them to a figure... A Steampunk Angel. I wanted the piece to make a statement about technology and how everything changes so quickly now, but somewhere in the midst of all of the chaos it seems there is someone still guiding us. I finished the Angel and kept staring at it. It wasn't done. I couldn't figure out what it needed so it just sat on my work table as I continued to make new pieces for Glitterfest. One day I took a creating break and headed with a friend to my favorite Antique store Treasures and Junk for a little change of scenery. That's when we found this little vintage train transformer...it was perfect! The perfect size, weight, not to mention it said the word transformer which went along exactly with what I was trying to convey AND then the dial that read off low med high.This was it! That just made the piece for me and I could stop obsessing over what else it needed! I took my angel to Glitterfest Fall and after the show I brought my angel and a few other pieces to Whimzy, so they could be available for sale.

Skip ahead 6 months. Glitterfest Spring has come and gone. I needed to get into Whimzy and bring them some new pieces from the Spring show. I headed in to see Dianne and was given some unexpected news. The Angel had vanished. Her whereabouts are unknown.

First off let me say that I 100% believe in Karma. What goes around comes around without a doubt!
I know my initial reaction should have probably been anger but it was laughter. I wish Dianne could have been in my head because I know she was thinking this crazy artist is nuts! But all I could see was a old image of a cartoon cat burglar with the black mask with two eye holes cut out tip-toeing through Whimzy and running out the door with the Transformer! lol 
I was also kind of flattered in a weird kind of way. Someone liked my art so much they felt the need to steal it! I'm not saying it was a good thing, I'm just taking it as a compliment :) So now what I want to know is who steals an angel? It's just weird. Not that any stealing is right but it's not a shirt or a purse or something you can use or that you need, so you just have a stolen piece of art sitting on your mantle or bookcase as a reminder of what you took? It's just odd to me. The only thing that makes me a little sad is I didn't get a better picture of it, but at least I have these few :)

My Sister Melissa at my Table Glitterfest Fall
Some more good that came out of the theft was that it got me writing on my blog which I am so bad about! There is so much going on I need to make a point to check in and tell you all what is new! I plan to put up some more posts very soon about what inspired me to make some of my other pieces. If anyone happens upon my Angel or if the culprit would like to rid their house of the Angel that is causing all the havoc in their life and anonymously return her, please contact me or Whimzy. No questions asked :)

Stay Tuned!